Hurricane Season Roofing Tips. Are You Prepared?

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When you live in South Florida, there’s always a chance a hurricane can cause damage to your house. In particular, you have to worry about roof damage. But there are ways to reduce the amount of damage your roof gets during a hurricane in Florida, and they typically take minimal time. Start with these tips to get your roof ready for hurricane season. Get a Roof Inspection Your first step is to have a roofing professional come out and look closely at your Florida home’s roof. During the inspection, a roofer will look for loose or missing shingles so you can have these fixed or replaced before hurricane season starts. A roofer can also spot any structural issues involving your […]

Citizens Policy Holders Suffer Change to Roof Leak Claims

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New changes to Citizen Property Insurance Corporation’s policies may affect Florida homeowners, as roof leak claims may no longer be protected. In the past, if interior damage in a home was caused by a roof leak it was typically covered due to an “ensuring loss”. In this case, the insurance company viewed the damage as deterioration or wear and tear to the roof. The result was more often than not coverage from the roof leak claim. New changes that went into effect recently have altered the coverage that will exist in a similar situation.

The new policy is complex and difficult to understand. Therefore, it is important that Citizens policy homeowners pay careful attention to the changes that have come and […]

Florida Roofing Laws and New Building Code

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The state of Florida has suffered through a tremendous number of hurricanes and severe storms over the last couple of decades. Hurricane Andrew left a lasting legacy and a troubling memory of just how disastrous adverse weather can be as the damage in its wake cost hundreds of lives and thousands homes. Following Hurricane Andrew, new building codes were implemented throughout the state of Florida, particularly along the coastal lines of the Sunshine State.

Prior to Hurricane Andrew, Florida roofs and Florida homes were built poorly, rarely inspected, and adhered to building codes that were incredibly outdated. The Florida House Bill 7057 and the Florida Statute 553.884 apply Florida’s new building code to all homes in “High Velocity Hurricane […]

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