New changes to Citizen Property Insurance Corporation’s policies may affect Florida homeowners, as roof leak claims may no longer be protected. In the past, if interior damage in a home was caused by a roof leak it was typically covered due to an “ensuring loss”. In this case, the insurance company viewed the damage as deterioration or wear and tear to the roof. The result was more often than not coverage from the roof leak claim. New changes that went into effect recently have altered the coverage that will exist in a similar situation.

The new policy is complex and difficult to understand. Therefore, it is important that Citizens policy homeowners pay careful attention to the changes that have come and how these changes may or may not affect any potential future claims. For instance, if your home is more than 25 years old, proof of roof replacement must be shown in order to be eligible for coverage. However, fine print indicates that those with homes over 25 years old may still be eligible if a qualified inspector verifies the length of years for useful roof life.

Many homeowners question the importance of their roof’s condition, claiming that this is the reason behind paying for an insurance policy. Nonetheless, Citizens points out the importance of adequate roof condition for the protection of the home. Florida homes are often subjected to high winds that can greatly damage their roofs. In addition, the safety of both the home and those inside of the home often depends on the condition of the roof.

Policyholders must visit the Citizen Property Insurance Corporation website to ensure that they are completely aware of their coverage. All too often, homeowners become aware of holes in their coverage after a roof leak claim is filed. At that time, recovering monetary damages may be impossible. Florida homeowners must be careful to read the fine print and contact the insurance company with any questions to make sure that their home and their roof is protected